Monday, April 2, 2012

Looking into a Faith towards Allah swt

If Milo 3in1 has a few ingredients in packet, a faithful man (referring to both men and women) has many ingredients in themselves. Responsible, honest, helpful, healthy, clean, softness, loudness, toughness, strength, reasonable income, self-control, hard-working, provider, trustworthy, spontaneous, open minded, willing to listen, forgiving, kind and gentle and the list never stops. A human may definitely not have all these good traits however a faithful man towards Allah swt will try to achieve it. The key word here is TRY. Being faithful and trying to be faithful to Allah swt will lead us to have good characteristics in ourselves.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Rasulullah SAW

Rasulullah SAW is a man for the whole nature. Be as moderate as he is. As kind as he is. As soft as he is. As smart as he is. As intelligent as he is. As polite as he is. As gentle as he is. As romantic as he is. As helpful as he is. As nice as he is. As angry as he is. As loud as he is. As sweet as he is. As tough as he is. As strong as he is. As strict as he is. As welcoming as he is. As clean as he is. As caring for self beauty as he is. As fragrant as he is. As healthy as he is. As faithful as he is. InsyaAllah. Wallahualam.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dear Allah s.w.t, there's no one to explain to but you.
Please help me get through.
You allow this feeling flowing into me.
Help me control it well, bring me far from hell.

With You Ya Allah I protect myself.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

May all Muslims achieve this,

Seseorang itu sangat beruntung dan harus rasa bersyukur pabila dia merasa takut dan gentar mendengar kalimah Allah s.w.t dan kata kata yang memujiNya.

Rasa beruntunglah kamu sesunguhnya kamu dijalan yang benar. Takut kamu dan rendah diri kamu terhadap kuasa Allah s.w.t akan mendekatkan kamu dengan Allah s.w.t. Dekatlah kamu dengan Allah s.w.t, insyaAllah dekatlah kamu dengan Syurga. InsyaAllah.

Subhanallah. Ampuni kami Ya Rabb.

Dear Muslims, berzikirlah..

Subhanallah (Maha Suci Allah) Alhamdulillah (Segala puji-pujian bagi Allah) Allahuakbar(Allah Maha Besar).

It is the most calmness lyrics and the best music that can ever fill in a Muslim's heart. InsyaAllah. Recite it and believe it. InsyaAllah.

Allah the Almighty!

It is the most awesome feeling when Allah sends his love and when we could feel it physically. Physically as we can feel the coolness and calmness in our hearts.

Definitely the best feeling ever. Subhanallah. Thank you Allah.
Us Muslims live to serve you Ya Rabb. InsyaAllah. Please give us strength to always do so.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saya dan pilihanraya

What are the reasons for us not go and vote?

"saya tak suka politik."
"politik, aaah.. dirty stories."

Well let me tell you friends,

Its not that I love politics I go out to vote. Its because I care for Malaysia.

Who would care for Malaysia if we dont start with ourselves first?